Proper Ways to Maintain your Kid’s Drum Set

Did you know that your drum set is an investment? And this is one of the expensive investments that you could ever own. Knowing that you’ll be spending more as it does not only equates in playing the drum set but as well as maintaining it. Explaining to your child about the maintenance of the drum set should be emphasized so that you won’t be overspending with one instrument of repair and or replacements. So, the best way for you to have a long lasting set of drums is to always take your time in doing the best you can in maintaining it.

However, there will come a time that your drum set needs fixing and calling for an assistance is one thing that you should do or else you’ll end up buying a new one which is not practical anymore. For you to properly use and able to keep up your drum set, here are the following tips for you to maintain your kid’s drum set.

  1. Investment- as mentioned, having to invest on something that you’ll like to have for the rest of your life as a start is something worth keeping. Of course, there are different types of investment, and it is up to your decision as to which kind of investment should you start first. A part of the investment is doing extra services for the things that you have brought such as the kid’s drum set. Imagine for how long you can preserve the drum set. It is something that is worth your keeping.
  2. Making your kids responsible- teaching them how to be responsible is one thing that you’ll need to develop, and maintenance of their drum set is a good start to prove that they can do things with less supervision when it comes to cleaning their drum set. This is one way of keeping it well maintained for it to last longer.
  3. The better play- a good drummer knows how to play his drum set. That should be emphasized to your kid. If your child does not have any background yet of playing the drums, it would be best to enroll your child in a drum session for him or her to start playing and learning drums. The difference between those who do not know how to play the drums may have the tendency to damage the rim of the drum or perhaps any part of just playing it randomly.
  4. Good practice- the more your child, is practicing with his kid’s drum set, the better he will become. Learning should be non-stop and must be continuous depending on the drum session that he is enrolled.

There are other ways for you to keep it maintained and that is to be familiar with the type of sounds that every drum piece is producing. This is how you will determine if your drums are set to a good sound. Of course, you will be able to do it by the time your child keep learning and practicing.

Why Get a Real Drum Set for Kids?

Why Get a Real Drum Set for Kids?

Do your kids want to play drums? So, looking for drums set? But, don’t be sure about real drums for kids? If like so, then good news for you people is, there is a junior drum set for kids who want to play drums. Yes, nowadays drums set are also designed for kids to learn about music and make noise. So, instead of introducing playing toys with drums, it is best to buy a real drum set that available at a cheap and affordable price to get an excellent experience.

When you look drumming for kids, you will get plenty of options in these days market, but you need to find a right one for your child that should be comfortable and easy to play. Many parents thought that buying real drums for kids is a waste of money and easily gets broken. But, this is not in the case, because a child should like to make a noise and from that, they come to know sounds and music.

Still, you’re asking why it is needed to get a real drum set for kids!! Then, there are reasons for why it is important.

  • Do you want your child to learn something about music?
  • Do you want your child to become one of the musicians?

If you say yes for anyone of the question, then you need to buy a real drum set. At the same time, you no need to spend a lot of money on drumming, but it is more enough to buy at least $100 for the first time. So, introduce cheap drum set with less configuration and then move on to the complete set of drums. I hope, from this section, you come to know why you need to buy real drums for kids.

What to Look on Drumming for Kids?

What to Look on Drumming for Kids?

When it comes to the musical instruments for kids, drums are the best choice from earlier age itself and a drum set gives a way for a child to involve in music from childhood itself. So, people who would like their child to learn something about music or child to make a career in music choose to druming for kids. With the plenty of available options on the market, it is not a matter to introduce anyone to the child. Instead of that, parents spend some more time to pick a right set for their kids. This is because drum set for kids is not a complete set, but includes some configurations that suits for a child to learn. So, in this article, we will know what to look on drumming for kids.

What to look on drumming for kids?

Choosing a right drum set makes the biggest journey in the music for kids and parents don’t push them to involve on drumming. Therefore, it is crucial to find a drum set that comfortably fits for the child and as well as need check whether have the capacity to handle it. Otherwise, they should struggle and hate to play drums. In addition to that, kids need certain height to use drums set.

This is the reason why drums are categorized based on ages and introduced a junior drum set with small in size and fewer configurations. But, still, you have to look the following things on choosing to drum for kids.

  1. Age

In order to ensure your chosen drums set suits your kids, you need to check the label of the product, where you will come to know who can use that drums. So, based on your child’s age, find appropriate drumming products and then pay for it. However, some children should be shorter even they reached the age of learning drum. In this case, it is better to wait for one more year.

  1. Configurations

When it comes to the configurations of the drum set, it should be easy to learn by kids, so pick only fewer pieces of drums. You will see from 3 to 5 pieces of drums on the toddler drum kit, but it is better to start with 3 pieces.

  1. Environment

Next thing to consider is an environment, where your kid can play the drums. If you give a peaceful environment, then buy an electronic drum kit, because it results in less noise and doesn’t disturb others. Otherwise, you can moves with a normal drum set that may occupy a larger or smaller area.

  1. Budget

Last but not least factor is budget, but this is most important factor for many parents. In this case, you have to think about intention on introducing drum kit. If you want your son or daughter becomes a drummer, then you must invest some more money on it; otherwise, look for affordable but high-quality one.

These are things to look on drumming for kids while paying for it.

Why Electronic Drums Are So Different From An Acoustic Drum?

It depends on the person’s preference, but drummers preferred the acoustic drums then the electronic. According to the others, it is the feeling, the sensation and how it matched to the music that you’ve preferred, where you can control the flow in your terms and your skills. That’s the difference of it. But so can the electronic drums. By just simply find a switch, a bit of a dial here, turn it there and viola, you adjusted the tone and the volume to an appropriate level. Well, it depends on the people’s preference if they want to go traditional or not. But there are some perks when using the electronic drums.


There are a bit of con when handling the acoustic drums, unlike the electronic, you cannot control the volume of the sound. So, it might kind of an ear shattering for you, if you are just a beginner and just learning the beat of your song. The safest bet for you newbies like you is to try out the electronic at least with the electronic you can just simply plug in your earphones and put in low volume and fire away.

However, when it comes to a live band, the winner is the acoustic drum. It is the perfect set up. Unlike the electronic, the acoustic drums can help you band members hear you rhythm loud and clear, looks better when performing live and it brings out a wild reaction from the fans.


But what about the electronic? It is possible to bring it into a live performance, but you have to do the following to make your performance smooth sailing. You need a sound system for that, and you needed to be an expert technician to adjust the sound system, the controllers, and all the technical good stuff without interrupting the performance.

It is a bit complicated if you are an inexperienced person, but it is not possible to bring it out on living. With these difference, it is no wonder people tend to fight each other in which one is better. If you want to practice start with the electronic, but if you want to feel the moment as a drummer than the acoustic will work fine for you. In the end, the decision is all on you. You make the call, and you decided which one you prefer in bringing it home.

The Difference Between Traditional And Modern Day Drums

To those newbies who are interested in trying out an instrument, especially that instrument that you decided to buy are drums, then you will be stuck in a dilemma where you cannot choose between an electronic drum or a more traditional drum, the acoustic version. What is the difference between these two? Besides, the obvious of course. But how do they work? Would they sound differently from each other? Well, here are some of the differences between these two if you ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot decide what kind of drum that you want to buy and take it home.


The Acoustic Version:

How do they sound?
● They are pretty sensitive if you apply force when making a beat.
● But they are pretty loud, and it might affect your hearing.

The Electronic Version:

How do they sound?
● They are quite, and it requires earphones or headphones when listening.
● If you are leaving in an apartment, then this drum is the perfect one for you. If you want to play late night.
● But they are not as sensitive as the acoustic version.

Acoustic Version:
Is It Appropriate For A Band?

● Perfect when performing live.
● Your band members will clearly hear the beat of your drums more clearly.

Electronic Version:
Is It Appropriate For A Band?

● It has volume control when practicing with your band members, unlike acoustic they make pretty loud sounds that will affect your hearing.
● It’s a bit more mobile and can adapt and change its tune of sound more to match with the others.
● But it requires a sound system for it to perform in a band.


With these traits, you might have narrowed some things down for you. You already know some of the systems that might be appropriate for you to practice. But consider as well the place that you are currently staying. If you’re living in your house, then the acoustic might be a good bet, but if you are living in an apartment but wanted to play the drum the electronic one is much more appropriate. It is safer for you neighbors not to hear and be disturbed. But in the decision is still yours. You have been given the difference in these two drums, and it all depends on your interest in which one are you going to fall on.

Why People Find Drums Not So Cool?

Maybe they normally focus on the lead singer, or someone playing a complicated music using the electric guitar, whatever it its the drummer and his drums are normally hidden at the back of their crew members. The audience eyes will always focus at the lead singer because he’s the leader. Of course, not everybody thinks and feels that way. Drums can be cool too. They are all the foundation that help build the crew together. Without the beat, then the band won’t begin with their song. Sometimes the drums are overlooked because everybody thinks that it’s a loser job thanks to the parades where you can see that drums are normally used. If your brain is the level of a High Schooler, so, of course, you would think like that.


But if you know what it means when playing the drums and how the drums play an important role in the musical department, then you already get it. But the biggest question is why? Why people still don’t get it? Because of the lack of exposure? Not everybody is passionate of drums, so naturally, they view their worth as low. There are all sorts of reasons as to how it came to be.

It could be how the social media portrays the drums, how advertisements talk about them, or how the main band members are arranged and perform on stage. No matter what the reasons it is it has become ingrained in our minds, people can’t seem to shake that off. Can you remember someone who’s good at playing drums and is famous? Can you think of someone like that? No one right? But can you think of someone who plays the piano well and still famous? Beethoven, right? He’s a memorable character, and his music continues to live on. Can you see it now? This is why people tend to overlook the drums and the drummers.


Because the exposure is not enough to put an impact on them. How do you fix it? How do you make people see that the drums are as much important and cool just like any other instrument? By proving to them. Prove to the audience that drums are the best and without it you can never have good old music.

They might not be well known in some areas, but there are very popular in the Hispanic community. Cubans, Africans, Spanish and Latin Americans find the important use of the drums are valuable. I guess it is a matter of perspective.

The Different Types Of Drums For Beginner

Drums have existed since the good old days. Where the material is made out of wood, to the energy required electronic drums. There are all sorts of drums that existed in this time and age. There are drums that are small and a good starter pack for kids, there are drums that are big for adult sized people, and there are drums that are made of different materials. The drums can be in different colors too, besides the size. You can find drums that come in different shades and design. The matter of preference depends on the customer’s desire.


Now, when you think about a drum what kind of image that pops into your mind? It’s that kind of drum that you normally find at a band, right? Of course, you would think that. It is after an iconic now. But there’s more to that, though. You see, there all sorts of drums, that shared the title “drums.” still not getting it well for example. Do you recognize this instrument? The conga drum. Of course, you would recognize it. The conga has been used for Latin music, such as the salsa. See? This is a different kind of drum that you’ve been thinking about. But still, the concept is still the same.

Here are the others. The different types of drums, besides the acoustic drum set or the electronic version of it.

1. Bongos. They are two drums that are attached to each other by a membrane that connects them. The big drum is called the hembra, while the small drum is called the macho. They came from Cuba.

2. Cajon drum box. It is a plywood box with a whole on it. These are popular at America and Spain

3. Djembe drum. It a goblet-shaped drum that is made out of redwood and the head is made out of goatskin. The djembe drum is one of the most versatile drums that can produce a different type of sound.

4. Caixa. This is a popular drum. You can normally find these drums at the band, concert or parade.

5. Tambourine. You recognize this one. This is a type of drum where you can hold your hand, as you jingled it the bells that are attached to it will rattle and made chime sounds, which matched the beat of the tambourine drum if you hit.


There are a lot of more types to learn and to find, but these are the list that is common and recognizable to you, as a reader. Now you understand there’s more to it than just drums at some concert. No, there are a lot more different types of drums across the globe where you don’t recognize but you find the music familiar, but you cannot help but forget the instrument that is used to make such gorgeous sounds.

How to choose your drum set

Playing a beat gives any listener a sensation to enjoy and jive to the music. Drummers are the keeper of the beat and to play the right kind of music is to have the right kind of gear which is the drum set.


To know more about getting a good drum set, let us know first the simple anatomy of the drum set or the parts of it. The following are: snare drum, bass drum, mounted toms and floor toms. Having these components of the drum set can produce the basic beat. This kind of set of drums is so portable and only uses small space to place the instruments. The 4 piece drum set usually being used for Jazz and Blues music.

There are also two kinds of configuration that the drum set has. These are Standard or Fusion. Having a standard configuration drum set, it has the 12” to 13” of toms and a 16” and 22” bass drum, on the other hand, the Fusion configuration has much smaller in size which composes of 10” and 12” mounted toms and a 14” floor toms.

Need to consider in getting the good quality of the instrument, the drumheads, for example; it is said to be the biggest factor of the drums as it gives the sound of the instrument. It’s composition will affect the drum would produce like a coating of the drumhead. A coated drumhead gives a darker, more controlled sound and on the other hand, the clear coated drumhead provides a brighter sound. Another would be the drum shell or the wood that is being used to create the drums. Using the good quality of the wood creates the unique and quality of sound that the instrument would produce. Some of the known wood are maple, falkata, birch, and mahogany. Each of the wood mentioned is carefully use to produce a good kind of drums. You can find some of the best drum sets for kids reviews 2017

A good drum set will not be good if there would be no hardware with it. Having a solid hardware will let you enjoy to play the good music that the drum set kit would produce over the years. Investing in the hardware is a good investment at the very beginning in getting a drum set.

The most important hardware that the drum set must have are the thrones and the pedals. Getting the good quality of the material would help drummer to be comfortable in using it. Pedals give the beat as well in playing the drum set.


After knowing the basic components of the drum set, we would also consider in getting the good quality of the cymbals. Cymbals are essential factor or component of getting a good drum set. It gives drummers the sensation to play good quality by expressing themselves in choosing the good quality of cymbals. This would help drummers to achieve the kind of music that they want to play.

After knowing the details of the drum set kit, it will be an essential guide for you to choose the right quality, size of the instruments to play to keep the beat going.

Getting to know an Instrument: The Drums

Drums are one of the percussion instruments that through time, the design and the construction of it haven’t never been changed. It is usually being played either by hands or using sticks to create a resonance sound or beat. It is often used as a music therapy especially if hand drum is being used as it gives a touch of nature and it is easily being played. Choosing the instrument will need to consider the quality, durability, quality of sound and type.


In choosing the right kind of drum, checking how was it being created will be first on hand. Check if the instrument was created using a good material such as wood, strings, considering the shape of the material and other components to make a good quality of a drum.

As a beginner or drum enthusiast, we also consider the durability of the instrument. Continuous use to get a correct beat tests the durability of the drum. Investing in a good drum is worthy to get the good quality beat of the instrument that you are playing with. In which this would boil down in choosing the good quality of the materials to create a good drum.

There are several factors as well to consider in choosing the quality of sound of the drum. Of course, this would depend on the type we choose to use. If the type of beat that you would like has a resonant tone, high pitched kind of drum, certainly choose the drums that give this kind of output like the tum-tum drums which usually use by jazz drummers. It gives the right beat which is typically ideal for jazz music.

One of the main features of the drum that give the quality of sound is the drum head. Each drum has it’s own unique sound that it produce. Considering what kind of drum head that it has will create the kind of music that is preferred.

Another component to consider is the shell of the instrument itself. The size of the shell can help manipulate the type of sound and the volume that the instrument can produce. Producing a louder volume of the drum, the shell must have the right thickness. The thicker the shell is used, the louder the volume it produces. One of the known material used is the mahogany. The said kind of wood helps to increase the frequency of the low pitches, and it keeps high frequency at about the same speed.


We only know that drums are circular in shape, but there are different kind of drums that were created uniquely and used ideally. An example of the drum is Tabla, which is part and used in Hindu music and it is played by hand. The Tabla is created in a cylindrical shell that is made of wood.

Drums are not just any ordinary instrument that just needs to strike with hands or sticks. We should consider that any drums that we see have it’s own characteristics that would provide the right kind of sound or beat to produce the good music.

How far the vibration of drums has gone

Long before our ears have enjoyed the beating of the drums accompanying our music, it has already vibrated in the history. Drums, a part of the percussion group of musical instruments, traces back its origin in Egypt, as written. When drums were discovered to be something significant, they were created with different versions across nations. They were used more than being a musical expression. They have become part of the daily living of the people, especially in the medieval ages.


Drums in rituals
Drums made a huge role in the performance of rituals and ceremonies especially mentioned in Shamanic drumming, a peculiar practice with the spiritual dimension of the reality. Drums have also been recorded to be used in healing ceremonies, rites of passage, ancestral worship, ritual dances and so much more ceremonies in the different nations of the world. For instance, Djembe drum in South Africa. This drum was used in the performance of many celebrations for Muslims like winter harvest.

Drums in wars
Wars are not without drums. This instrument has created very big impact in the outbreak of wars. Soldiers used drums to communicate with their comrades since communication with voice was not enough to deliver their messages to different troops and a huge number of combatants. The number of the beating of the drums, the sound of the beating, the speed of the beating were only a few of the signals that were formed to signal the military officers’ intentions to their battalions. An example of the drum utilized during the war season was the traditional kettledrum.

Drums in music and arts
Drums used in each particular place in each particular nation has their particular design of drums. These drums are even made from different objects originating from such different places. The carving in each drum, the design and the material of the drum depict its unique identity. An example of this would be Drake’s Drum (a drum which was made famous after being featured in an English feature) which was made from authentic historical materials.


For the foremost part, drums are widely used for musical expression even then to the present. Whether it be standalone or accompanying performance, drums make a distinguished sound. The vibration of the drum which creates the sound waves makes music come alive. The beating, the rhythm and the pitch of the drum, as well as the skill of the drummer all, contribute to the making of good accompaniment to a musical piece.

Indeed, it is evident that drums, not only as a musical instrument, have become a contribution to the society. It furthered the essence of communication without the need for either spoken or written words. It cultivated the nature of humans to arts, to literary, to dances, to beats, to rhythms which have improved so much at present. The variety of drums has spread from traditional to the modern styles which produce a range of distinct sound waves that have reached a long and wide distance in the nations of the worlds.